Sareri Hovin Menem

  • Released: 2016
  • Genre:
  • Label: Lena Chamamyan
  • Length: 05:12

Sareri Hovin Mernem (Armenian Folk Music).

Concert of "LAWNAN" album launching at Istanbul Zorlu Performance Center - October 2016.

Translation : I'll die to feel again the wind of my country's mountains I'll die for the height of my beloved mountains I feel paralyzed being away, I walk but I cant get advanced. I am full of tears, but I can't even cry I haven't seen him in a year, please show me Those who've seen my beloved, so I can kiss their eyes, I am dying to see my love. The rivers don't bring water anymore They don't bring me any news from you anymore I am afraid your heart get frozen to let me wait in vain , to leave me alone feeling this loneliness.

Kanoun : Göksel Baktagir

Cello : Özer Arkun 

Piano : Tolga Bedir Double

Bass : Volkan Hürsever 

Drums : Bülent ay

Percussions : Oray Yay

Duduk : Emre Sınanmış

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