• Released: 2016
  • Genre: pop, oriental jazz, spiritual music, folkmodern
  • Label: Lena Chamamyan
  • Length: 49:30

LAWNAN.. Two colors

This Album is not just another musical project that l add to my career. This Album is a complete work, a pure partnership between people who chose to unite music and despite the pain of what life has divided us, about love and longing for home, about the exile inside and outside…The album basically talks about the human being and travel.

In this work, you will not just hear music, but you will live personal stories that will tell you more about me and those who participated in this work.

LAWNAN is a sweet challenge. It was recorded live, as if we were on stage. This style of recording reserves the spirit of Lawnan that we wanted, but it gives more space for little human made mistakes that carries the real spirit of the musicians, and that I see as the closest thing to real perfect beauty. if we love our small mistakes, we understand our souls better... in music, and in life as well.

LAWNAN is a short translation of our stories that brings together contrasts... painted with lots of love and honesty.

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