Ghazl El Banat

Ghazl El Banat
  • Released: 2013
  • Genre: pop, oriental jazz, spiritual music, folkmodern
  • Label: Lena Chamamyan
  • Length: 53:00 min

Ghazl El Banat.. Cotton Candy

Through sewing, through passion and flirting, through our childhood dreams of the sweet coloured cotton, I have chosen the title "cotton candy", I share with you 12 songs, the summary of my souls wavering in the past two and half years It is the first time I compose, and distribute Music beside writing and singing, far between loss, solitude, and Isolation, nothing saved my soul but the Music that enlightened me about new angles of myself, and with allot of hard love.

I learned to see roads with the eyes of others, to learn about Love and to accept it in a different way.

In Cotton Candy I sing Life from the heart of darkness, hoping it lights a flashlight in the heart of a saddened, the way it did to mine.

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